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Outsourcing & A/R Management

Accounts receivable portfolio management is the process in which we assist your firm with past due receivables from day one forward. This is an outsourcing service for larger companies that have and need to maintain ongoing relationships with customers and want to be paid as agreed according to your terms. According to information provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce companies lose 10% of their gross receivables in the first ninety days of delinquency. Edward Wolff & Associates can assist your firm in reducing these losses in the beginning.

Edward Wolff & Associates offers the diversity needed to provide your company with solutions to cash flow issues. We provide quality professionals to assist you in bringing your 30-day receivables current, truly acting as an extension of your company. We can assist in your invoicing process, follow up with 30-day past due payables and once current, maintain the accounts to assure your money makes it to your bank in a timely fashion. All this can be done for a fraction of the cost involved in creating or expanding your current collection efforts. As always, this program can be done on a contingency fee basis. Please call your account executive for further details.

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