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International Debt Collection

In our experience, it’s a myth that collecting from overseas debtors is more difficult than collecting from US debtors. Indeed, for our team of foreign-national collectors there is no difference whatsoever. But, that’s because they speak the same language, understand the local culture and the local laws too.

With the communication barrier lowered, access to a full recovery is opened, and the process of collection is identical to our domestic US recoveries. We’ll speak with a senior executive at your debtor, ask why the account is still outstanding, resolve any spurious disputes, and leverage amicable collection to achieve payment. If necessary, we will forward the account to a debt collection agency or debt collection lawyer based in the debtor’s country or city. And, for you, this strategy increases the speed of collection, and reduces the cost of collection because we have debt collection partners in every major country on every continent.

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Edward Wolff & Associates is a BBB Accredited Collection Agencies in Plano, TX